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  1. Trendy Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer

    Summer is already with us and we want to stay cool and enjoy our time perfectly. Summer hairstyles should be comfortable to wear so you don’t feel that hair sticking to your neck. There are many awesome hairstyles that are cool to wear like ponytails or messy buns for summer, but why not opt for trendy top knot hairstyles? This amazing hairstyle can be appropriate for any type of events and you don’t need to spend much time to style your hair and ended it up feeling uncomfortable with it.

    Trendy Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer-2

    Whether you have medium or long hair, effortless and stylish top knot will be perfect to wear for hot summer days. This hairstyle is so youthful and easy and it’s also the favorite choice of thousand famous stars and fashion divas.  Check out here the basic tips of styling top knot to rock it this summer.Trendy Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer-1

    If you want to own simple and easy top knot here are the styling steps to achieve it perfectly. So, first pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with elastic. You can either choose messy and carefree style by running your fingers in it or sleeker top knot with the use of brush.Trendy Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer

    Then, tease the ponytail to add more volume, as you want and wrap the hair around the base of elastic to make a top knot style. Trendy Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer-5

    After wrapping it secure it amount of bobby pins so that it can be polished or carefree, as you wish.
    You can either leave some strands from the top knot or make it sleeker with the use of some holding product.

    Trendy Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer-3

    If you own some trendy bangs, you can leave them out or twist and pin them back into the style. You can be original and try to braid your ponytail and then wrap it around the base of elastic. This will be more unique and ideal to wear for special events, parties, etc

    .Trendy Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer-6


  2. Bob hairstyles are having a moment. With a new celeb joining the bob brigade practically daily, even those of us wed to our long locks are considering the chop.

    ellie_0 emilia-clarke_0 katie-holmes-bob kimkardashian-grammys jessicaalba-feb-eastmeetswestanniversarycelebration_0

    Where tousled bed heads and swept-over curls used to be the style of choice, the low-maintenance and casual benefits of bobs are encouraging more and more stars to try out the trend.

    While it's understandable to be wary of a super-short pixie crop, bobs are flattering and versatile - and the possibilities are endless. Go for a layered long bob hairstyle like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, or, for more of an edgy look, try a textured short bob hairstyle like Emma Stone.

    Even when it's cut, the styles aren't limited. You can go sleek and neat a la Rose Byrne and Marion Cotillard (who works a chic bob hairstyle with a fringe), choppy like Sienna Miller's, or even experiment with retro-look victory curls like January Jones.

    Our favourite length, and the won that’s winning over even the least likely of celebs, is the long bob. Quelle surprise, Alexa Chung hot off the mark with the trend and since then everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Jessica Alba has gone for the chop.

    More recently, Sienna's new short cut has got us all considering going drastic. As has Kate Hudson’s classic bob; proving even the beachiest of babes can pull it off.

    If you’re wary, understandably, of committing to a bob, try faking one first. It’s the perfect way to see what you’d look like, or just dabble with the on point hairstyle for a special occasion. We teamed up with L'Oreal's UK ambassador and fashion week hair maestro Syd Hayes to find out how to do the perfect faux bob.

     Check out all these different short hair ideas and let the immaculately-styled stars show you how fabulous bob hairstyles can be...